High Speed Transient Response

Compared with the load transient response of the conventional product, the HiSAT Control significantly improves output voltage fluctuation and output voltage convergence time

Comparison of load transient response between XC9273 and conventional product

Power conversion efficiency

Further improvement of HiSAT-COT technology reduces frequency fluctuation which is weak point of COT control.
Since the oscillation frequency is stable, it is easy to improve noise.

HiSAT-COT(1st) XC9257 Series

HiSAT-COT(2nd) XC9273 Series

High Accuracy

With flat temperature characteristics and stable load stability, 1.0% accuracy is achieved if it is within the operating range.
Stable output voltage supply is possible even at low voltage.

VOUT-Ta Typical Performance Characteristicss

Flat temperature characteristic to maintain high accuracy of 1.0%

VOUT-IOUTTypical Performance Characteristicss

It is possible to maintain stable output against current load

Application:POL(Point of Load)

The XC9273 series are DC / DC converters placed close to DSP, FPGA, ASIC, etc. Since these devices require very high precision voltages, voltage fluctuation due to substrate wiring resistance and load fluctuation becomes important

The characteristics of input transient, ripple voltage, load transient are important