Torex Semiconductor Ltd. operates the "Torex Longevity Program (TLP)" to allow customers with long product life cycles, such as industrial equipment, to confidently select products.

Program Overview

  • Eligible Products: Power Management IC products / Indication on the product-specific page on the website that they are covered by the Torex Longevity Program(TLP).
  • Supply Period: 10 years (starting from April 2024)
  • Frequency of Eligible Product Updates: Once a year (April)


  1. This program targets products that have been determined to be capable of supply for a certain period based on various conditions, but the supply period is only a guideline.
  2. Even during the period, there may be a switch to alternative products (equivalents) compatible with the target products.
  3. Even during the period, there may be changes or additions to the specifications, materials, manufacturing processes, etc., of the target products.
  4. Due to unavoidable reasons, there may be changes or discontinuation of the program itself.