Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions 2024 Normal edition[16.5MB]

Power Management Solutions 2024 Small edition[6.4MB]


"ECCJ Chairman's Award"Winning Products XC9276 series [2.4MB]
XP22x / XP23x / XP26x
Nch / Pch MOSFETs in SOT-323-3A Package [0.9MB]
XP22x / XP23x / XP26x
Nch / Pch MOSFETs in SOT-523/SOT-723 Package [0.9MB]
Nch / Pch MOSFETs in SOT-23 (TO-236) Package [0.9MB]
200nA Current Consumption with Output Voltage Switching Function Miniaturized Ultra-low Power DC/DC Converter [0.9MB]
XP23x / XP26x
Nch / Pch MOSFETs in SOT-23 Package [0.4MB]
Product Information for Automotive
TOREX Automotive Brochure [1.6MB]
Ultra-low Power“88nA”Voltage Detector with High Accuracy Detection [0.8MB]
Ultra-low Power“44nA”Voltage Detector with Sensing Pin Separated [0.8MB]
Supports12V / 24V Input Voltage Regulators [0.8MB]
Wearable Devices Booklet
Product Information for Wearable Devices [1.1MB]
XC6130 / XC6131
Watchdog Timeout Period Externally Adjustable Voltage Detector [0.2MB]
Adjustable Voltage Output Multifunction 2A High Speed LDO Regulator [1.3MB]
XC6132 / XC6133 / XC6134
Delay capacitor adjustable voltage detectors with sense pin isolation [0.3MB]
XC8107 / XC8108 / XC8109
Low ON resistance(85mΩ) High Function Power Switch [0.5MB]
Product Brochure 2014
promotion material for new products [3.0MB]
XC9270 / XC9271
30V/2A Buck DC/DC converter with a built-in driver transistor [0.3MB]
XC6223 / XC6233 / XC6504
Ultra Small Package (USPQ-4B03, USPQ-4B04) [0.3MB]
30V Operation Low Power Consumption Step-down DC/DC Controller IC [0.2MB]
XC6602 / XC9235 / XC9236 / XC9237
WLP(Wafer Level Package) [0.3MB]
0.6μA Ultra Low Power Consumption Small Voltage Regulator [0.3MB]
Step-Up Synchronous PFM DC/DC Converter [0.3MB]
XCL208 / XCL209
400mA Inductor Built-in Step-Down “micro DC/DC” Converters [0.3MB]
XC6602 / XC6603 / XC6604
1A High Speed LDO Regulator [0.2MB]
XC6901 / XC6902
200mA Negative Voltage Regulator with ON/OFF Control [0.3MB]
Low Power Consumption, High Speed 200mA LDO Regulator [0.4MB]
XC9242 / XC9243
2A Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters [0.3MB]
XC9244 / XC9245
400mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters [0.3MB]