60V 300mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters

The XC9702 series is 60V bootstrap synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with built-in Nch-Nch driver FETs.
The XC9702 series has operating voltage range of 4.5V~60.0V, the output voltage can be set from 2.5V to 12.0V. It can support 300mA as an output current with high-efficiency and stable voltage. 
The switching frequency is 1.0MHz, and the operation mode can be selected between PWM control and PWM/PFM control with the MODE pin. When PWM control is operated, the frequency is constant regardless of the load, so noise countermeasures are easy. PWM/PFM control can achieve high efficiency from light loads to heavy loads.
The same part number can be used for multiple power supply lines because the set value of the output voltage can be changed using an external resistor.
It is possible to externally adjust the soft-start time longer than the internal soft-start using an external resistor and capacitor connected to EN/SS pin.
In addition, the power good function monitors the state of the output voltage. The soft start external adjustment function and power good function make it easy to configure the power supply sequence.
 Built-in protection functions include current limit, over voltage protection, thermal shutdown and Lx short protection for safety operation.


Input Voltage Range4.5V~60V(Absolute Max 66V)
Output Voltage Range2.5~12.0V
FB Voltage0.75V±1.5%
Oscillation Frequency1000kHz
Output Current300mA
Control MethodsPWM control (MODE=”H”)
PWM/PFM control (MODE=”L”)
Protection FunctionsCurrent Limit (Foldback)
Output Over Voltage Protection
Thermal Shutdown
Lx short protection
FunctionsPower Good
Soft-start (external adjustment)
Low ESR Ceramic CapacitorCeramic Capacitor
Operating ambient temperature-40~125℃/ Tjmax=150℃

Typical Application Circuit

Technical Document


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
HSOP-8N 8 1,000 6.2 x 5.2 x 1.7
USP-10B 10 3,000 2.6 x 2.9 x 0.6

XC9702 Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample FB Voltage Oscillation Frequency Package EDA Online Store
XC9702A75CDR-G 0.75V 1.0MHz USP-10B
XC9702A75CRR-G 0.75V 1.0MHz HSOP-8N

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