Step-Up Charge Pump

The XC9801 series are fixed regulated voltage step-up charge pump ICs which provide stable, highly efficient, positive voltages with the only external components required being 2 capacitors.

Since regulating is done via the control of the charge pump's gate voltage waveform, ripple is minimal. Output voltage is selectable in 100mV steps within a 2.5V ~ 6.0V range.

As well as the ultra small MSOP-8A and USP-8 and USP-8B05 packages, the small consumption current and high efficiencies of the series make the XC9801 suitable for use with all types of battery operated applications.


Quiescent Current80μA
Output Current80mA(3.6V→5V step-up)
Oscillation Frequency300kHz
Stand-by Current2.0μA(MAX.)
Output Voltage Range2.5V~6.0V
Input Voltage Range1.8V~5.5V

Typical Application Circuit

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Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
MSOP-8A 8 1,000 4.9 x 3.0 x 1.22
USP-8 8 3,000 2.7 x 2.5 x 0.6
USP-8B05 8 5,000 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.33

XC9801 Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample CE Pin Logic Output Voltage Oscillation Frequency Packages EDA Online Store
XC9801B253DR-G Positive 2.5V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B253ER-G Positive 2.5V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B253KR-G Positive 2.5V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B263DR-G Positive 2.6V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B263ER-G Positive 2.6V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B263KR-G Positive 2.6V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B273DR-G Positive 2.7V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B273ER-G Positive 2.7V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B273KR-G Positive 2.7V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B283DR-G Positive 2.8V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B283ER-G Positive 2.8V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B283KR-G Positive 2.8V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B293DR-G Positive 2.9V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B293ER-G Positive 2.9V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B293KR-G Positive 2.9V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B303DR-G Positive 3.0V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B303ER-G Positive 3.0V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B303KR-G Positive 3.0V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B313DR-G Positive 3.1V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B313ER-G Positive 3.1V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B313KR-G Positive 3.1V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B323DR-G Positive 3.2V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B323ER-G Positive 3.2V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B323KR-G Positive 3.2V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B333DR-G Positive 3.3V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B333ER-G Positive 3.3V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B333KR-G Positive 3.3V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B343DR-G Positive 3.4V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B343ER-G Positive 3.4V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B343KR-G Positive 3.4V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B353DR-G Positive 3.5V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B353ER-G Positive 3.5V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B353KR-G Positive 3.5V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B363DR-G Positive 3.6V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B363ER-G Positive 3.6V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B363KR-G Positive 3.6V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B373DR-G Positive 3.7V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B373ER-G Positive 3.7V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B373KR-G Positive 3.7V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B383DR-G Positive 3.8V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B383ER-G Positive 3.8V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B383KR-G Positive 3.8V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B393DR-G Positive 3.9V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B393ER-G Positive 3.9V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B393KR-G Positive 3.9V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B403DR-G Positive 4.0V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B403ER-G Positive 4.0V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B403KR-G Positive 4.0V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B413DR-G Positive 4.1V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B413ER-G Positive 4.1V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B413KR-G Positive 4.1V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B423DR-G Positive 4.2V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B423ER-G Positive 4.2V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B423KR-G Positive 4.2V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B433DR-G Positive 4.3V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B433ER-G Positive 4.3V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B433KR-G Positive 4.3V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B443DR-G Positive 4.4V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B443ER-G Positive 4.4V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B443KR-G Positive 4.4V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B453DR-G Positive 4.5V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B453ER-G Positive 4.5V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B453KR-G Positive 4.5V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B463DR-G Positive 4.6V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B463ER-G Positive 4.6V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B463KR-G Positive 4.6V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B473DR-G Positive 4.7V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B473ER-G Positive 4.7V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B473KR-G Positive 4.7V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B483DR-G Positive 4.8V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B483ER-G Positive 4.8V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B483KR-G Positive 4.8V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B493DR-G Positive 4.9V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B493ER-G Positive 4.9V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B493KR-G Positive 4.9V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B503DR-G Positive 5.0V(Standard Voltage) 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B503ER-G Positive 5.0V(Standard Voltage) 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B503KR-G Positive 5.0V(Standard Voltage) 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B513DR-G Positive 5.1V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B513ER-G Positive 5.1V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B513KR-G Positive 5.1V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B523DR-G Positive 5.2V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B523ER-G Positive 5.2V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B523KR-G Positive 5.2V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B533DR-G Positive 5.3V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B533ER-G Positive 5.3V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B533KR-G Positive 5.3V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B543DR-G Positive 5.4V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B543ER-G Positive 5.4V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B543KR-G Positive 5.4V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B553DR-G Positive 5.5V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B553ER-G Positive 5.5V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B553KR-G Positive 5.5V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B563DR-G Positive 5.6V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B563ER-G Positive 5.6V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B563KR-G Positive 5.6V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B573DR-G Positive 5.7V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B573ER-G Positive 5.7V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B573KR-G Positive 5.7V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B583DR-G Positive 5.8V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B583ER-G Positive 5.8V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B583KR-G Positive 5.8V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B593DR-G Positive 5.9V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B593ER-G Positive 5.9V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B593KR-G Positive 5.9V 300kHz MSOP-8A
XC9801B603DR-G Positive 6.0V 300kHz USP-8
XC9801B603ER-G Positive 6.0V 300kHz USP-8B05
XC9801B603KR-G Positive 6.0V 300kHz MSOP-8A

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