Post Date : Nov 09, 2023 / Last updated : Nov 22, 2023

Output current / ON resistance

The output current of voltage detector indicates the ON resistance of output driver FET for the voltage detector.
A general voltage detector has no item of ON resistance in the electrical characteristics. It indicates the maximum value of ON resistance by specifying the minimum value of output current instead of ON resistance.

As ON resistance depends on gate voltage, the output current / ON resistance varies depending on the input voltage.
It is necessary to calculate the worst value of output current / ON resistance under actual use conditions to confirm whether the following device to be connected can be driven without problem.

Calculation example of ON resistance

VIN=1.1V, Nch : Ron max = IOUTN Min. / VRESETB = 0.3V / 0.3mA = 1kΩ
VIN=3.0V, Nch : Ron max = IOUTN Min. / VRESETB = 0.3V / 8.1mA = 37Ω

Output current SPEC

Output Current
IRBOUTN VIN=1.1V, VRESETB=0.3V 0.3 1.4 - mA
VIN=3.0V, VRESETB=0.3V 8.1 10.8 -
VIN=6.0V, VRESETB=0.3V 15.7 19.3 -
IRBOUTP VIN=1.0V, VRESETB=VIN-0.3V - -0.7 -0.2
VIN=3.0V, VRESETB=VIN-0.3V - -3.2 -1.4
VIN=6.0V, VRESETB=VIN-0.3V - -5.1 -2.9