Differences between car electronics (XD series) and consumer electronics (XC series)

  Series Name Specification assurance range Test management Assembly factory
25℃ Temperature Limitations Automotive management
Automotive XDxxxx-Q(*1) Within operating temperature range(*2)
Consumer XCxxxx-G(*1) Normal temperature only - - -

(*1) xxxx is determined by product type and field.
(*2) Includes design assurance.

Applications of automotive products

From car infotainment to general automotive accessories, we will release products for a wide range of applications.

Examples of applications of our products

  • DC/AC Inverter
  • GPS Module
  • Air Conditioner
  • Car Navigation System
  • Keyless Entry
  • Sub monitor
  • Remote touch
  • Back monitor camera
  • Power windows
  • Power sliding door
  • Head-up display
  • Meter
  • Monitor for rear seat
  • Car-mounted camera
Image of application location

Frequently asked questions about automotive products

Have you received IATF16949 certification?

As a fabless manufacturer, Torex Semiconductor cannot obtain IATF16949 certification. In 2019, we have been registered as a remote support department of the group company's IATF16949 certified factory.▶ Initiatives of IATF16949
Aiso, we are implementing management using the core tools (SPC, MSA) required by IATF16949, and are also offering PPAP documents in response to customer requests.

How are you supporting automotive products?

We established the "Kansai Technology Center" in April of 2016 as a central base for expanding our automotive business.
This centralizes the product design, mass production technology, and quality assurance functions that were previously dispersed in various regions, enabling us to offer a comprehensive response capability.

How does Torex define an automotive product?

On the release of an automotive electronics product, the AEC certifies the product based on AEC-Q100.
We also implement mass production testing, traceability, and other management procedures that differ from mass production products.

What about quality and environmental measures?

We have received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. We also meet EU RoHS/REACH requirements and are halogen and antimony free.

What is AEC-Q100?

AEC-Q100 is a standard of the AEC which prescribes a variety of reliability tests for integrated circuits (ICs).

What is AEC?

AEC is an acronym for Automotive Electronics Council, which is a standards organization for automotive electronic component reliability established by major auto manufacturers and U.S. electronic component manufacturers.