PLL Clock Generator ICs with Built-In Divider/Multiplier Circuits

The XC25BS7 series are high frequency, low power consumption PLL clock generator ICs with divider circuit & multiplier PLL circuit. Laser trimming gives the option of being able to select from input divider ratios (M) of 1 to 256 and output divider ratios (N) of 1 to 256. Output frequency (fQ0) is equal to reference clock oscillation (fCLKin) multiplied by N/M, within a range of 1MHz to 100MHz. Further, frequency within a range of 32kHz to 36MHz can be inputted as a reference clock. The IC stops operation when L level signal is inputted to the CE pin. For this, consumption current can be reduced and output will be one of high-impedance. Because the series is semi-custom, please ask Torex sales contacts for your requested specifications such as input/output frequency, supply voltage. However, the series has the limit of specifications; therefore, your request may not be fully satisfied with your requested frequency range.


Input Frequency 32kHz~36MHz*1
Output Frequency 1MHz~100MHz(fQ0=fCLKin×N/M)*1
Output Divider(N) Selectable from divisions from 1 to 256
Input Divider(M) Selectable from divisions from 1 to 256
Operating Voltage Range 2.50V~5.50V*1
Low Quiescent Current CMOS with stand-by function*2

*1 The series are semi-custom products. Specifications for each product are limited within the above range. The input frequency range is set within ±5% of customer’s designated typical frequency. *2 When the IC is in stand-by mode, the output becomes high impedance and the IC stops operation.

Typical Application Circuit


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
SOT-25 5 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3
USP-6C 6 3,000 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.6

XC25BS7 Series Part Numbers

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