Voltage Detector with Watchdog Function and ON/OFF Control

The XC6121 series are highly accurate, low power consumption CMOS voltage detectors with a watchdog function and ON/OFF control.

As the watchdog timeout period & release delay period is internally set the time can be fixed and it is possible to have a system monitor without the need for external components.

By making use of the newly added EN/ENB pin the watchdog function can be turned OFF allowing the series to be used as a simple voltage detector.

Detect voltage is fixed within a range of 1.6V~5.0V, selectable in 0.1V increments.


Detect Voltage Range1.6V~5.0V(0.1V increments)
Hysteresis WidthDetect Voltage×5%(TYP.)
Operating Voltage Range1.0V~6.0V
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
Output ConfigurationN-channel open drain
Watchdog PinMonitors CPU
EN/ENB PinThe watchdog function is forced off.
Release Delay Time3.13ms/50ms/100ms/200ms/400ms(TYP.) can be selectable
Watchdog Timeout Period50ms/100ms/200ms/400ms/800ms/1.6s(TYP.) can be selectable

Typical Application Circuit

Quality Reports


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
SOT-25 5 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3
USP-6C 6 3,000 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.6

XC6121 Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample Release Delay Time Watchdog Timeout Period Detect Voltage Packages EDA Online Store
XC6121A216ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A216MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A217ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A217MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A218ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A218MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A219ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A219MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A220ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A220MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A221ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A221MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A222ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A222MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A223ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A223MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A224ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A224MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A225ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A225MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A226ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A226MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A227ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A227MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A228ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A228MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A229ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A229MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A230ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A230MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A231ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A231MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A232ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A232MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A233ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A233MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A234ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A234MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A235ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A235MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A236ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A236MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A237ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A237MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A238ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A238MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A239ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A239MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A240ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A240MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A241ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A241MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A242ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A242MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A243ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A243MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A244ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A244MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A245ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A245MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A246ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A246MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A247ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A247MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A248ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A248MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A249ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A249MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A250ER-G 3.13ms 50ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A250MR-G 3.13ms 50ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121A316ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A316MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A317ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A317MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A318ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A318MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A319ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A319MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A320ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A320MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A321ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A321MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A322ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A322MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A323ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A323MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A324ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A324MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A325ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A325MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A326ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A326MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A327ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A327MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A328ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A328MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A329ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A329MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A330ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A330MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A331ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A331MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A332ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A332MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A333ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A333MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A334ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A334MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A335ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A335MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A336ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A336MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A337ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A337MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A338ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A338MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A339ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A339MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A340ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A340MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A341ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A341MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A342ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A342MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A343ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A343MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A344ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A344MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A345ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A345MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A346ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A346MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A347ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A347MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A348ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A348MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A349ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A349MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A350ER-G 3.13ms 100ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A350MR-G 3.13ms 100ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121A416ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A416MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A417ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A417MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A418ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A418MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A419ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A419MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A420ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A420MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A421ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A421MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A422ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A422MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A423ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A423MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A424ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A424MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A425ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A425MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A426ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A426MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A427ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A427MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A428ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A428MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A429ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A429MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A430ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A430MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A431ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A431MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A432ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A432MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A433ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A433MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A434ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A434MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A435ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A435MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A436ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A436MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A437ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A437MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A438ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A438MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A439ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A439MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A440ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A440MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A441ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A441MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A442ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A442MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A443ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A443MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A444ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A444MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A445ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A445MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A446ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A446MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A447ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A447MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A448ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A448MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A449ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A449MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A450ER-G 3.13ms 200ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A450MR-G 3.13ms 200ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121A516ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A516MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A517ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A517MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A518ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A518MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A519ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A519MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A520ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A520MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A521ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A521MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A522ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A522MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A523ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A523MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A524ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A524MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A525ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A525MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A526ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A526MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A527ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A527MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A528ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A528MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A529ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A529MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A530ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A530MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A531ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A531MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A532ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A532MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A533ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A533MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A534ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A534MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A535ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A535MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A536ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A536MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A537ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A537MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A538ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A538MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A539ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A539MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A540ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A540MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A541ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A541MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A542ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A542MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A543ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A543MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A544ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A544MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A545ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A545MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A546ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A546MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A547ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A547MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A548ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A548MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A549ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A549MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A550ER-G 3.13ms 400ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A550MR-G 3.13ms 400ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121A616ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A616MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A617ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A617MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A618ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A618MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A619ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A619MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A620ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A620MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A621ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A621MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A622ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A622MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A623ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A623MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A624ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A624MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A625ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A625MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A626ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A626MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A627ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A627MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A628ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A628MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A629ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A629MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A630ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A630MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A631ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A631MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A632ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A632MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A633ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A633MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A634ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A634MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A635ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A635MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A636ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A636MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A637ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A637MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A638ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A638MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A639ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A639MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A640ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A640MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A641ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A641MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A642ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A642MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A643ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A643MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A644ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A644MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A645ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A645MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A646ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A646MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A647ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A647MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A648ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A648MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A649ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A649MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A650ER-G 3.13ms 1.6s 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A650MR-G 3.13ms 1.6s 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121A716ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121A716MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121A717ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121A717MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121A718ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121A718MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121A719ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121A719MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121A720ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121A720MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121A721ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121A721MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121A722ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121A722MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121A723ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121A723MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121A724ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121A724MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121A725ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121A725MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121A726ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121A726MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121A727ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121A727MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121A728ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121A728MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121A729ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121A729MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121A730ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121A730MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121A731ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121A731MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121A732ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121A732MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121A733ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121A733MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121A734ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121A734MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121A735ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121A735MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121A736ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121A736MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121A737ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121A737MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121A738ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121A738MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121A739ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121A739MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121A740ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121A740MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121A741ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121A741MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121A742ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121A742MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121A743ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121A743MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121A744ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121A744MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121A745ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121A745MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121A746ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121A746MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121A747ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121A747MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121A748ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121A748MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121A749ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121A749MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121A750ER-G 3.13ms 800ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121A750MR-G 3.13ms 800ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121C216ER-G 50ms 50ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121C216MR-G 50ms 50ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121C217ER-G 50ms 50ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121C217MR-G 50ms 50ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121C218ER-G 50ms 50ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121C218MR-G 50ms 50ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121C219ER-G 50ms 50ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121C219MR-G 50ms 50ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121C220ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121C220MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121C221ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121C221MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121C222ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121C222MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121C223ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121C223MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121C224ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121C224MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121C225ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121C225MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121C226ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121C226MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121C227ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121C227MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121C228ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121C228MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121C229ER-G 50ms 50ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121C229MR-G 50ms 50ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121C230ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121C230MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121C231ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121C231MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121C232ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121C232MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121C233ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121C233MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121C234ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121C234MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121C235ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121C235MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121C236ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121C236MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121C237ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121C237MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121C238ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121C238MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121C239ER-G 50ms 50ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121C239MR-G 50ms 50ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121C240ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121C240MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121C241ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121C241MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121C242ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121C242MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121C243ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121C243MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121C244ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121C244MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121C245ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121C245MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121C246ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121C246MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121C247ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121C247MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121C248ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121C248MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121C249ER-G 50ms 50ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121C249MR-G 50ms 50ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121C250ER-G 50ms 50ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121C250MR-G 50ms 50ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121C316ER-G 50ms 100ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121C316MR-G 50ms 100ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121C317ER-G 50ms 100ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121C317MR-G 50ms 100ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121C318ER-G 50ms 100ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121C318MR-G 50ms 100ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121C319ER-G 50ms 100ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121C319MR-G 50ms 100ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121C320ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121C320MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121C321ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121C321MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121C322ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121C322MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121C323ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121C323MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121C324ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121C324MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121C325ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121C325MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121C326ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121C326MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121C327ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.7V USP-6C
XC6121C327MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.7V SOT-25
XC6121C328ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.8V USP-6C
XC6121C328MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.8V SOT-25
XC6121C329ER-G 50ms 100ms 2.9V USP-6C
XC6121C329MR-G 50ms 100ms 2.9V SOT-25
XC6121C330ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.0V USP-6C
XC6121C330MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.0V SOT-25
XC6121C331ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.1V USP-6C
XC6121C331MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.1V SOT-25
XC6121C332ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.2V USP-6C
XC6121C332MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.2V SOT-25
XC6121C333ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.3V USP-6C
XC6121C333MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.3V SOT-25
XC6121C334ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.4V USP-6C
XC6121C334MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.4V SOT-25
XC6121C335ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.5V USP-6C
XC6121C335MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.5V SOT-25
XC6121C336ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.6V USP-6C
XC6121C336MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.6V SOT-25
XC6121C337ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.7V USP-6C
XC6121C337MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.7V SOT-25
XC6121C338ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.8V USP-6C
XC6121C338MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.8V SOT-25
XC6121C339ER-G 50ms 100ms 3.9V USP-6C
XC6121C339MR-G 50ms 100ms 3.9V SOT-25
XC6121C340ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.0V USP-6C
XC6121C340MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.0V SOT-25
XC6121C341ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.1V USP-6C
XC6121C341MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.1V SOT-25
XC6121C342ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.2V USP-6C
XC6121C342MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.2V SOT-25
XC6121C343ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.3V USP-6C
XC6121C343MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.3V SOT-25
XC6121C344ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.4V USP-6C
XC6121C344MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.4V SOT-25
XC6121C345ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.5V USP-6C
XC6121C345MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.5V SOT-25
XC6121C346ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.6V USP-6C
XC6121C346MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.6V SOT-25
XC6121C347ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.7V USP-6C
XC6121C347MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.7V SOT-25
XC6121C348ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.8V USP-6C
XC6121C348MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.8V SOT-25
XC6121C349ER-G 50ms 100ms 4.9V USP-6C
XC6121C349MR-G 50ms 100ms 4.9V SOT-25
XC6121C350ER-G 50ms 100ms 5.0V USP-6C
XC6121C350MR-G 50ms 100ms 5.0V SOT-25
XC6121C416ER-G 50ms 200ms 1.6V USP-6C
XC6121C416MR-G 50ms 200ms 1.6V SOT-25
XC6121C417ER-G 50ms 200ms 1.7V USP-6C
XC6121C417MR-G 50ms 200ms 1.7V SOT-25
XC6121C418ER-G 50ms 200ms 1.8V USP-6C
XC6121C418MR-G 50ms 200ms 1.8V SOT-25
XC6121C419ER-G 50ms 200ms 1.9V USP-6C
XC6121C419MR-G 50ms 200ms 1.9V SOT-25
XC6121C420ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.0V USP-6C
XC6121C420MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.0V SOT-25
XC6121C421ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.1V USP-6C
XC6121C421MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.1V SOT-25
XC6121C422ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.2V USP-6C
XC6121C422MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.2V SOT-25
XC6121C423ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.3V USP-6C
XC6121C423MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.3V SOT-25
XC6121C424ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.4V USP-6C
XC6121C424MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.4V SOT-25
XC6121C425ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.5V USP-6C
XC6121C425MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.5V SOT-25
XC6121C426ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.6V USP-6C
XC6121C426MR-G 50ms 200ms 2.6V SOT-25
XC6121C427ER-G 50ms 200ms 2.7V USP-6C