Low Power Consumption Voltage Detector

The XC61J series is highly precise, low power consumption voltage detectors, manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. With low power consumption and high accuracy, the series is suitable for precision mobile equipment.
The XC61J in ultra small package is ideally suited for high-density mounting. The XC61J is available in both CMOS and N-channel open drain output configurations.


Detect Accuracy±2%
Low Power Consumption0.6μA(TYP.)
Detect Voltage Range1.0V~5.0V (0.1V increments)
Operating Voltage Range0.7V~6.0V
Operating Temperature Range-40℃~+85℃
Output ConfigurationN-channel open drain or CMOS

Typical Application Circuit


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
SOT-25 5 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3

XC61J Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample Output Configuration Detect Voltage Detect Accuracy Package EDA Online Store
XC61JC1002ML-G CMOS output 1.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JC1002MR-G CMOS output 1.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JC2002ML-G CMOS output 2.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JC2002MR-G CMOS output 2.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JC3002ML-G CMOS output 3.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JC3002MR-G CMOS output 3.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JC4002ML-G CMOS output 4.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JC4002MR-G CMOS output 4.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JC5002ML-G CMOS output 5.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JC5002MR-G CMOS output 5.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JN1002ML-G N-ch open drain 1.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JN1002MR-G N-ch open drain 1.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JN2002ML-G N-ch open drain 2.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JN2002MR-G N-ch open drain 2.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JN3002ML-G N-ch open drain 3.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JN3002MR-G N-ch open drain 3.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JN4002ML-G N-ch open drain 4.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JN4002MR-G N-ch open drain 4.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)
XC61JN5002ML-G N-ch open drain 5.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Reverse feed)
XC61JN5002MR-G N-ch open drain 5.0V ±2%±30mV SOT-25(Standard feed)

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