Post Date : Nov 28, 2023 / Last updated : Dec 05, 2023

Name of DC/DC converter 1: voltage converter

DC/DC converter means the voltage converter that converts DC voltage to DC voltage.
Actually, it is frequently abbreviated to "DC/DC", "DCDC", or "DC-DC", etc. without calling its official name, DC/DC converter. 
For example, voltage conversion from DC12V to DC5V and voltage conversion of Li-ion rechargeable battery from DC3.6V to DC5V are examples of voltage conversion by DC/DC converter.

Name of DC/DC converter 2: name of voltage conversion method

A method for converting DC voltage to DC voltage using inductor or transformer is also called "DC/DC converter", "DC/DC", or "DCDC", etc.
For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention in which sense the name "DC/DC converter" or "DC/DC" is used.
The name is same as voltage converter, however, this one represents the name of voltage conversion method, so it is generally distinguished from "voltage regulator" or "charge pump" that converts voltage without using inductor or transformer.
The frequently used "voltage regulator" and "DC/DC converter" have following characteristics.

What is DC/DC converter?

What is "DC/DC converter" that converts DC voltage to DC voltage using inductor or transformer?DC/DC is generally configured with inductor or transformer, capacitor, switch element (MOSEFET or diode), and control IC.
The control IC properly controls ON/OFF time of switch element so that DC/DC can converts the input voltage to desired output voltage. The output voltage can be set to the desired setting output voltage even for various power supply specifications with different input voltages and output currents by controlling this ON/OFF time.