High Speed "Green Operation" LDO Voltage Regulators

The XC6207 series are precise, low noise, high speed, low dropout regulators with green operation (GO) function. They are fabricated using Torex's CMOS process. Performance features of the series includes fast ripple rejection and low dropout voltage, and the series includes a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a current limiter and a phase compensation circuit plus a driver transistor.

Green operation (GO) provides high speed operation, low power consumption and high efficiencies by automatically switching between a high speed mode (HS) and a power save mode (PS) depending upon the load current level. The switch point is fixed internally within the IC.

When only high-speed operation is required, it can be fixed by inputting a high level signal to the GO pin, thus providing operating conditions with the most suitable level of supply current for the application.

By inputting a low signal to the CE pin, the IC will be put into an OFF state. In this state, with the XC6207B series, a short will be created via the internal switch located between the VOUT and VSS pins.

This short enables the stored charge at the output capacitor (CL) to be discharged enabling the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level.

The series' output stabilization capacitor (CL) is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors. Output voltage is selectable in 0.05V increments within a range of 1.2V ~ 5.0V. The constant current limit circuit and current limiter's foldback circuit also operate as a short circuit protection for the output current limiter and the output pin.


Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~85℃
Low ESR Capacitor Low ESR Ceramic
MaximumOutput Current 300mA (380mA limit:TYP.)
Dropout Voltage 120mV@IOUT=100mA
Operating Voltage Range 2.0V~6.0V
Output Voltage Range 1.2V~5.0V(50mV increments)
High Accuracy +2% (HS Mode:VOUT>1.5V)
+2%, -3% (PS Mode:VOUT>1.5V)
±30mV (HS Mode:VOUT≦1.5V)
+30mV, -45mV (HS Mode:VOUT≦1.5V)
Low Quiescent Current 5.5μA(TYP.)(PS)、50μA(TYP.)(HS)
Stand-by Current Less than 0.1μA
High Ripple Rejection: 70dB@1kHz

Typical Application Circuit


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
SOT-25 5 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3
SOT-89-5 5 1,000 4.5 x 4.6 x 1.6
USP-6C 6 3,000 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.6

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