Voltage Regulator with Bridge Diode for Wireless Power Receiver

The XCM414 series consist of four Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) and a positive voltage regulator (VR). These four SBDs configure a bridge circuit and it performs the full-wave rectification of an AC input so that the positive voltage regulator can generate DC output.

The VR consists of a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a current limiter, a thermal shutdown circuit and a phase compensation circuit plus a driver transistor. The output voltage is preset at 3.3V in the IC as a standard value, and it is selectable in 0.1V increments within the range of 2.0V to 12V using laser trimming technologies. The output stabilization capacitor (CL) is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors.

The over current protection circuit and the thermal shutdown circuit are built-in. These two protection circuits will operate when the output current reaches current limit level or the junction temperature reaches temperature limit level.

The CE function enables the output to be turned off and the IC becomes a stand-by mode resulting in greatly reduced power consumption.


Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) Forward Voltage 0.33V (IF=10mA)
Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) Reverse Current 2μA (VR=40V)
Input Voltage Range 2.0V ~ 26.0V
Output Voltage Range 2.0V ~ 12.0V (0.1V increments)
Fixed Output Accuracy ±2%
Low Power Consumption 5μA
Stand-by Current 0.1μA
High Ripple Rejection 30dB @ 1kHz
Built–in Protection Current Limit Circuit、Thermal Shutdown Circuit
Operating Temperature - 40℃~ + 85℃

Typical Application Circuit

Technical Document


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
USP-8B10 8 5,000 2.6 x 2.9 x 0.33

XCM414 Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample Output Voltage Package EDA Online Store
XCM414B020D2-G 2.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B021D2-G 2.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B022D2-G 2.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B023D2-G 2.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B024D2-G 2.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B025D2-G 2.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B026D2-G 2.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B027D2-G 2.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B028D2-G 2.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B029D2-G 2.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B030D2-G 3.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B031D2-G 3.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B032D2-G 3.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B033D2-G 3.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B034D2-G 3.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B035D2-G 3.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B036D2-G 3.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B037D2-G 3.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B038D2-G 3.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B039D2-G 3.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B040D2-G 4.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B041D2-G 4.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B042D2-G 4.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B043D2-G 4.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B044D2-G 4.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B045D2-G 4.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B046D2-G 4.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B047D2-G 4.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B048D2-G 4.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B049D2-G 4.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B050D2-G 5.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B051D2-G 5.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B052D2-G 5.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B053D2-G 5.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B054D2-G 5.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B055D2-G 5.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B056D2-G 5.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B057D2-G 5.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B058D2-G 5.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B059D2-G 5.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B060D2-G 6.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B061D2-G 6.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B062D2-G 6.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B063D2-G 6.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B064D2-G 6.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B065D2-G 6.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B066D2-G 6.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B067D2-G 6.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B068D2-G 6.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B069D2-G 6.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B070D2-G 7.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B071D2-G 7.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B072D2-G 7.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B073D2-G 7.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B074D2-G 7.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B075D2-G 7.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B076D2-G 7.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B077D2-G 7.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B078D2-G 7.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B079D2-G 7.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B080D2-G 8.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B081D2-G 8.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B082D2-G 8.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B083D2-G 8.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B084D2-G 8.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B085D2-G 8.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B086D2-G 8.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B087D2-G 8.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B088D2-G 8.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B089D2-G 8.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B090D2-G 9.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B091D2-G 9.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B092D2-G 9.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B093D2-G 9.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B094D2-G 9.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B095D2-G 9.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B096D2-G 9.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B097D2-G 9.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B098D2-G 9.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B099D2-G 9.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B100D2-G 10.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B101D2-G 10.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B102D2-G 10.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B103D2-G 10.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B104D2-G 10.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B105D2-G 10.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B106D2-G 10.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B107D2-G 10.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B108D2-G 10.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B109D2-G 10.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B110D2-G 11.0V USP-8B10
XCM414B111D2-G 11.1V USP-8B10
XCM414B112D2-G 11.2V USP-8B10
XCM414B113D2-G 11.3V USP-8B10
XCM414B114D2-G 11.4V USP-8B10
XCM414B115D2-G 11.5V USP-8B10
XCM414B116D2-G 11.6V USP-8B10
XCM414B117D2-G 11.7V USP-8B10
XCM414B118D2-G 11.8V USP-8B10
XCM414B119D2-G 11.9V USP-8B10
XCM414B120D2-G 12.0V USP-8B10

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