Post Date : Mar 09, 2023 / Last updated : Oct 11, 2023

This is a Nichicon Corporation LTO battery “SLB” Series reference.

“SLB” Series Characteristics

  • 20C rapid charge-discharge
  • High-density input/output like an electric double-layer capacitor
  • Can withstand over 25,000 cycles
  • Low-temperature characteristics enable use in frigid climates
    down to -30℃


Product No.SLB03070LR35SLB03090LR80SLB04255L040SLB08115L140SLB12400L151
Nominal voltage2.4V
Voltage range1.8V~2.8V
Max. charge/discharge current7mA16mA80mA280mA3000mA
Nominal capacity0.35mAh0.8mAh4mAh14mAh150mAh
Internal resistance (Max.)12Ω0.6Ω0.24Ω0.06Ω
Temperature range-30℃~60℃
As of February 2023

Nichicon Corporation reference notes:

Reference Circuit/Evaluation Circuit Board

Evaluation circuit board

Circuit diagram


(1) Charging LDOXC6240A263xR-GFor LTO charging,, 2.63V, 150mA
XC6242A2637R-GSupports 105℃, for LTO charging, 2.63V, 150mA
(2) Battery voltage monitoringXC6140C18AxR-GLTO battery voltage monitoring IC
Detect voltage 1.8V, release voltage = 2.475V, Iq=104nA
XC6142C18A9R-GSupports 105℃, LTO battery voltage monitoring IC
Detect voltage 1.8V, release voltage = 2.450V, Iq=104nA
SBDXBS024S15R-GFor counter-current prevention, 200mA 40V, low IR
CIN10V/1μFInput capacitor for charging LDO
CL10V/1μFOutput capacitor for charging LDO
RLIMDepends on nominal capacityCharge current limiting resistance, RLIM=(2.63V-1.8V) / 20C
R100kΩPull-down resistor

(1) LDO for LTO battery charging: XC6240, XC6242

Charging using a max. 2.70V low-consumption LDO, including the temperature range, to match the LTO battery specifications.

(2) Battery voltage monitor: XC6140, XC6142

This sets the release voltage that is released when charging is started by the LDO to match the charge-discharge characteristics of the LTO battery.