Negative Voltage Regulators

The XC62K series are highly precise, low quiescent current, negative voltage regulators, manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. The series achieves high output currents with small input-output voltage differentials, and consists of a high precision voltage reference, an error correction circuit, and an output driver with current limitation. SOT-23, SOT-89 and USP-6B packages are available.


Low Dropout Voltage120mV @50mA (-5.0V)
MaximumOutput Current100mA(within Maximum power dissipation VOUT=-5.0V)
Output Voltage-2.1V to -6.0V in 0.1V increments,-5.0V, -4.0V, -3.0V, -2.5V standard,( all other voltages are semi-custom )
High Accuracy±2%(semi-custom±1%)
Low Quiescent Current3.0μA(TYP.)(VOUT=-5.0V)
Output Voltage Temp. Characteristics±100ppm/℃(TYP.)
Line Regulation0.1%/V(TYP.)

Typical Application Circuit

Quality Reports


Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
SOT-23 3 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3
SOT-89 3 1,000 4.5 x 4.0 x 1.6
USP-6B 6 3,000 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.7

XC62K Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample Polarity of Output Voltage Output Voltage Temperature Characteristics Output Voltage Accuracy Packages EDA Online Store
XC62KN2101DR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2101MR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2101PR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2102DR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2102MR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2102PR-G Negative 2.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2201DR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2201MR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2201PR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2202DR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2202MR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2202PR-G Negative 2.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2301DR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2301MR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2301PR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2302DR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2302MR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2302PR-G Negative 2.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2401DR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2401MR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2401PR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2402DR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2402MR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2402PR-G Negative 2.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2501DR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2501MR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2501PR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2502DR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2502MR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2502PR-G Negative 2.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2601DR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2601MR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2601PR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2602DR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2602MR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2602PR-G Negative 2.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2701DR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2701MR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2701PR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2702DR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2702MR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2702PR-G Negative 2.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2801DR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2801MR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2801PR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2802DR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2802MR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2802PR-G Negative 2.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2901DR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2901MR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2901PR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN2902DR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN2902MR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN2902PR-G Negative 2.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3001DR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3001MR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3001PR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3002DR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3002MR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3002PR-G Negative 3.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3101DR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3101MR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3101PR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3102DR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3102MR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3102PR-G Negative 3.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3201DR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3201MR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3201PR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3202DR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3202MR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3202PR-G Negative 3.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3301DR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3301MR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3301PR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3302DR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3302MR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3302PR-G Negative 3.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3401DR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3401MR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3401PR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3402DR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3402MR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3402PR-G Negative 3.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3501DR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3501MR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3501PR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3502DR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3502MR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3502PR-G Negative 3.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3601DR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3601MR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3601PR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3602DR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3602MR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3602PR-G Negative 3.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3701DR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3701MR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3701PR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3702DR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3702MR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3702PR-G Negative 3.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3801DR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3801MR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3801PR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3802DR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3802MR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3802PR-G Negative 3.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3901DR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3901MR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3901PR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN3902DR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN3902MR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN3902PR-G Negative 3.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4001DR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4001MR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4001PR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4002DR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4002MR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4002PR-G Negative 4.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4101DR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4101MR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4101PR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4102DR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4102MR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4102PR-G Negative 4.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4201DR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4201MR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4201PR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4202DR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4202MR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4202PR-G Negative 4.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4301DR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4301MR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4301PR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4302DR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4302MR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4302PR-G Negative 4.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4401DR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4401MR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4401PR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4402DR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4402MR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4402PR-G Negative 4.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4501DR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4501MR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4501PR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4502DR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4502MR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4502PR-G Negative 4.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4601DR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4601MR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4601PR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4602DR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4602MR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4602PR-G Negative 4.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4701DR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4701MR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4701PR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4702DR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4702MR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4702PR-G Negative 4.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4801DR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4801MR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4801PR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4802DR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4802MR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4802PR-G Negative 4.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4901DR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4901MR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4901PR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN4902DR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN4902MR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN4902PR-G Negative 4.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5001DR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5001MR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5001PR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5002DR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5002MR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5002PR-G Negative 5.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5101DR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5101MR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5101PR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5102DR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5102MR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5102PR-G Negative 5.1V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5201DR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5201MR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5201PR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5202DR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5202MR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5202PR-G Negative 5.2V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5301DR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5301MR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5301PR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5302DR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5302MR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5302PR-G Negative 5.3V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5401DR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5401MR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5401PR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5402DR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5402MR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5402PR-G Negative 5.4V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5501DR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5501MR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5501PR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5502DR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5502MR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5502PR-G Negative 5.5V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5601DR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5601MR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5601PR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5602DR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5602MR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5602PR-G Negative 5.6V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5701DR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5701MR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5701PR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5702DR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5702MR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5702PR-G Negative 5.7V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5801DR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5801MR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5801PR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5802DR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5802MR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5802PR-G Negative 5.8V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5901DR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5901MR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5901PR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN5902DR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN5902MR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN5902PR-G Negative 5.9V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89
XC62KN6001DR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% USP-6B
XC62KN6001MR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-23
XC62KN6001PR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±1.0% SOT-89
XC62KN6002DR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% USP-6B
XC62KN6002MR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-23
XC62KN6002PR-G Negative 6.0V ±100ppm(TYP.) ±2.0% SOT-89

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