Post Date : Nov 16, 2023 / Last updated : Nov 22, 2023

Here explains how to read main characteristics / SPEC of voltage detector.

Detect voltage

The detect voltage means the voltage you want to output a reset signal.
For a general voltage detector, the detect voltage is set in the IC. On the data sheet, setting value of detect voltage and accuracy degree of detect voltage are described.

Detect VoltageVDF-0.9901.0001.010V

Release voltage / hysteresis width

The release voltage means the voltage that enters release status because the monitoring voltage increases after entering detection status.
For a general voltage detector, voltage difference (hysteresis width) is set in between detect voltage and release voltage.
On data sheets of many products, the release voltage is not described as voltage value, but it should be calculated from detect voltage and hysteresis width.

Release voltage = detect voltage + hysteresis width

Hysteresis WidthVHYS-VDF x 0.032VDF x 0.05VDF x 0.068V