Watchdog Timeout Period Externally Adjustable Voltage Detector

The XC6130 series are voltage detectors with a watchdog function. The watchdog timeout time and release delay time can be set as desired using a single external capacitor. These voltage detectors are used for microprocessor monitoring, and when the power voltage reaches the detect voltage or an L→H pulse is not input to the watchdog pin within the watchdog timeout time, an L level signal is output from the RESETB pin.

The XC6130 series has a manual reset function. When the manual reset pin is set to Low level at any desired timing, an L level signal is output from the RESETB pin.


Operating Ambient Temperature-40℃~+125℃
Operating Voltage Range1.5V~6.0V
Detect Voltage Range1.6V~5.0V±1.0%
Hysteresis WidthVDFL×5%
Detect Voltage Temperature Characteristics±50ppm/℃
Output ConfigurationN-channel open drain
Low Quiescent Current8.1μADetect
FunctionsManual Reset
Watchdog Timeout Period100ms(Cd=0.1μF)
Release Delay Time100ms(Cd=0.1μF) (Power-on State)
10ms (Cd=0.1μF) (After Watchdog Timeout)
Environmentally FriendlyEU RoHS compliant, Pb free

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Package Number of Pins Pcs/Reel Package Size(mm)
DFN1515-6A 6 5,000 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.38
SOT-26 6 3,000 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3

XC6130 Series Part Numbers

Part number Sample Type Detect Voltage Detect Accuracy Packages EDA Online Store
XC6130A161MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.6V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A171MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.7V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A181MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.8V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A191MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.9V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A201MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.0V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A211MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.1V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A221MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.2V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A231MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.3V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A241MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.4V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A251MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.5V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A261MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.6V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A271MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.7V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A281MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.8V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A291MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.9V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A301MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.0V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A311MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.1V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A321MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.2V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A331MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.3V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A341MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.4V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A351MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.5V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A361MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.6V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A371MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.7V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A381MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.8V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A391MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.9V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A401MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.0V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A411MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.1V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A421MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.2V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A431MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.3V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A441MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.4V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A451MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.5V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A461MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.6V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A471MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.7V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A481MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.8V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A491MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.9V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A501MR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 5.0V ±1% SOT-26
XC6130A16AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.6V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A17AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.7V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A18AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.8V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A19AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 1.9V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A20AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.0V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A21AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.1V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A22AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.2V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A23AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.3V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A24AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.4V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A25AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.5V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A26AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.6V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A27AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.7V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A28AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.8V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A29AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 2.9V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A30AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.0V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A31AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.1V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A32AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.2V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A33AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.3V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A34AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.4V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A35AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.5V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A36AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.6V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A37AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.7V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A38AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.8V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A39AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 3.9V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A40AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.0V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A41AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.1V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A42AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.2V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A43AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.3V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A44AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.4V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A45AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.5V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A46AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.6V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A47AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.7V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A48AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.8V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A49AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 4.9V ±1.5% SOT-26
XC6130A50AMR-G MRBpinWithpull-upresistor 5.0V ±1.5% SOT-26

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