Post Date : Mar 08, 2023 / Last updated : Apr 06, 2023

Load regulation is a characteristic that expresses how much the output voltage changes before and after the output current changes.

In regards to the electrical characteristics, it expresses how many mV change when the output current is changed from a certain number of mA to another certain number of mA.

In general, linear type voltage regulators, the output voltage decreases when the output current is increased.
In the following example, we can see that the output voltage decreased 50mV for a change from 1mA to 50mA.

Voltage regulator (XC6216 VOUT=5.0V)

Load Regulation△VOUT1mA≦IOUT≦50mA, VCE=VIN-5090mV

Voltage regulator (XC6216 VOUT=5.0V) : Output voltage vs output current characteristics