Post Date : Mar 08, 2023 / Last updated : Apr 06, 2023

This is the maximum value for the output current that can be drawn from voltage regulator.

This section shows how to read the electrical characteristics and explains them using a product with a maximum output current of 200mA as an example.

The specification MIN. 200mA means that at a minimum 200mA can be drawn taking into consideration product variability. If this value is specified by TYP., it means the degree of variance on the MIN. side is unclear, so this specification is used.

If the maximum output current is exceeded, the current limiting function will activate to reduce the output voltage.


Maximum Output CurrentIOUTMAX200--mA

Next is the output voltage vs. output current characteristic.

The 0mA point written as “Setting output voltage” at the top left of the graph is the starting point.

As the current increases, it moves to the right side of the blue normal state line and passes through the black dashed  line labeled as the maximum output current. This time this is 200mA.

If the current continues to be drawn in this state, the current limiting function will be activated in most voltage regulators.

In this example, the current limiting characteristic formed by the blue and green lines is called the fold back curve because of its shape.

Current limiting function example characteristics